About Us

Our story is not a new story to tell, but rather an expansion of a long-standing ambitious vision that is more than 66 years old, aimed to contribute to the prosperity of the industrial and economic sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1956. Through dedication and serious commitment towards the goals of our vision, our name created a distinctive mark in the local industrial sector and in 60 other countries around the world.

Hence, our success and the trust we built with the communities have been our driving force
in our first steps towards the world of trading & distribution in 2018

From here, Napco Trading & Distribution was launched and became a headline and signature for quality distribution services in the Kingdom for B2C and B2B partners, in addition to providing 3PL solutions that deliver fully integrated end-to-end supply chain solutions, warehousing, transportation, merchandising, field marketing, all the way to e-commerce fulfillment and last-mile-delivery.

Through our headquarter in Jeddah in addition to our 20 offices and 15 warehouses spread across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we are dedicated to delivering all-inclusive distribution and marketing services within a professional logistical framework with the widest coverage and reach, and reliable product delivery, ensuring that your products and brands reach over 30,000 points of sale across more than 30 main and remote cities in the Kingdom.

Our experienced team is always ready to offer innovative solutions to meet the most challenging market demands and to comply with the standards of conformity needed by our customers, suppliers, and partners. We make sure to provide you with the best-in-class services and deliver sustainable value that is worth your trust while relying on our strong values and business ethics.

Your Reliable Trading and Distribution Partner

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Reach more than
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(Modern Trade, Traditional Trade, B2B Sector)

We aim to provide unparalleled distribution, 3PL services, e-commerce fulfillment and direct marketing services, applying insight, service quality, and innovation to create sustainable growth for businesses and society.
We strive to be the leading preferred distributor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, while maintaining reliability, flexibility, and innovating customized solutions to meet the growing and diverse needs of our customers, suppliers, and partners. We also aspire to apply sustainable practices that contribute to the prosperity of the local economy and the future of coming generations.
We are driven by a community oriented, forward-thinking corporate philosophy that lead us to continuously thrive for new opportunities and to create value for all our stakeholders.

Through our 7 corporate values, we made our distinctive impact and we earned your trust for more than six decades:

Entrepreneurial Drive, Family Spirit, Hard Work, Honesty, Modesty, Precision, and Servant Leadership

We also rely on our strong principles and our commitment to business ethics to deliver sustainable value for our customers, suppliers and partners:


We adhere to high moral values while strongly maintaining responsibility in our actions.


We are flexible and result oriented. We deliver results by responding to changes swiftly without compromising quality.


We take necessary steps to comply with relevant local, regional, and international laws, policies, and regulations.

Value-Added Distribution
& Marketing Services

We offer our customers, suppliers and partners all-inclusive distribution services, including sales and marketing all the way to direct marketing services, covering merchandising and field marketing (sales promoters).

Strong Presence Across
Saudi Arabia

We rely on a wide network consisting of 20 offices and 15 warehouses that serve more than 30,000 points of sale in 30 main and remote cities across the Kingdom.

Customer Support

Our support team draws on creativity and expertise to assist our customers, suppliers and partners to meet the market’s most challenging demands while maintaining a fast response and flexibility.

Accurate Insights
& Data

Our dedicated expert team delivers value through data across the supply chain, integrating with customers’ data and building on customer’s history for an optimized forecast.


Our advanced technology system has contributed to transforming the way we do business as it provided us with the opportunity to have a complete view & visibility during all the stages of our operations.